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The Last Mech

The battle has raged for days. After flinging everything they have at each other, now each side has only one, almost derelict, mech left. As pilots scramble into their battered cockpits, they know it’s do or die. The last mech standing wins the war.

The Last Mech is a tactics miniatures game for two players designed by Alex Wiltshire.

Players’ mechs aren’t the machines they used to be. Pressed into desperate final service, they’re barely capable of fighting. They’re randomly equipped and liable to break down; any action could spell their ruin.

But each player can upgrade them and scavenge additional parts found on the battlefield. As they face each other they’ll tactically invest the scarce Energy their reactors generate on their armaments, shields and agility in a last-ditch effort to claim victory.

Play The Last Mech


This early version of The Last Mech is free to download and print out, complete with cool mech art by my son, Jack. It’s part of a general plan to further playtest the game and see where it goes. Maybe I’ll try to develop it into a commercial product? Who knows.

Invite your friends to play, and tell everyone you think would be interested in it. I’d love to know what you think.

The Last Mech © Alex Wiltshire 2017-2024

February 12, 2018

Photo of a paper prototype of The Last Mech in play.
A playtest, yesterday

I guess a couple of things have been niggling me for a while with The Last Mech, but they hadn’t been coming into focus. But after last night’s playtest with Tom, they kinda did. The big change I’m making - or at least testing for - is a simple one, but it could be huge and mess everything up. Or it could make for a more dynamic game.

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These changes mark the point where I’m almost comfortable with making The Last Mech semi-public. So I am. I think there’s enough richness in the systems to make a game of push-and-pull with reasons to fight and to run, with a new system adding extra strategy. And I think that feels good.

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