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Outside of work things, I sometimes make stuff. Here’s a collection of things I’m not too ashamed to share.

A painting of a soldier pissing in front of a giant fog-shrouded mech
Robot in the Mist, by Jakub Rozalski

The Last Mech

A while back I fiddled around with designing a two-player tactics miniatures game about mechs fighting each other. The above art by Jakub Rozalski captures the mood I want to hit. Here’s the flavour text intro:

The battle has raged for days. After flinging everything they have at each other, now each side has only one, almost derelict, mech left. As pilots scramble into their battered cockpits, they know it’s do or die. The last mech standing wins the war.

It’s actually pretty fun as it is, but it needs something else. I have some ideas for what that might be, and maybe I’ll return to it sometime.

In the meantime, you can play it yourself! I’ve included complete rules and some PDFs with things to print out.

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I got an A in photography at school! But I don’t use anything I learned, because it was mostly about developing film and exposing negatives in the dark room. So please bear that in mind.

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Several Genestealer Cults models from Warhammer 40,000
Some of my lovely boys


I’ve gotten back into Warhammer, and am steadily amassing Genestealer Cults and World Eaters armies, and painting them far slower than I’m accumulating them. That’s normal, right?

I’ve also been writing stories about the Genestealer Cults, because they are wonderfully grotesque and reflect the worst (which is to say the best) of the grimdark experience. No, you’re a massive dork. Here’s a list of posts about my gribbly friends.