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I wrote the Minecraft Blockopedia

September 30, 2014 ・ Blog

I wrote a book! It’s called the Minecraft Blockopedia and it’s a guide to all the blocks in Minecraft, with each entry examining their behaviour and uses, and it’s going to be published by Egmont on December 4.

It looks like this:

Photograph of the hexagonal book, Minecraft Blockopedia

Yeah, it’s hexagonal, which marks a rather dramatic debut as a book author, hey. Must’ve been a complete nightmare for Egmont’s production team. Or exciting. Probably a bit of both.

It got into the Bookseller, which I used to actually read back when I used to work in book publishing, wishing the things I was working on would get into its pages:

The book is hexagonal in shape to reflect the blocks in the game and was written by Alex Wiltshire, former editor of games industry trade magazine Edge.

The design and presentation - with foil and a slipcase so it can actually sit on bookshelves - is down to Junkboy, Mojang’s great art director. The entries are marked by a full-bleed isometric view of the block which looks fantastic.

Thanks to all at Mojang and Egmont, especially Stephanie Milton, Owen Hill and Lydia Winters, for taking me on to write such an amazing looking book. Especially as it gave me a chance to one-up my kids’ knowledge of Minecraft one or twice. (Admittedly, they contributed all sorts of details to it that I’d otherwise have had no idea about.)