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Finding beauty in GTAV through selfies

October 01, 2013 ・ Blog

I wrote about finding the beauty in GTAV through its details, cos the details are what I’ve always loved GTA for. And then I took selfie photos of them, just because it seemed fitting.

I wish I could’ve invested about an extra week of time into finding these details, but I kept getting into scrapes while I explored. There’s so much more to find – and love – in the margins of this incredible game.

The thing is, this stuff is often so well realised that it tends to get completely overlooked, while GTA’s big, bad, lurid side gets all the attention. But if you care to look it’s far more important. For me, it’s in how GTAV’s cars have slightly differently coloured headlights, the way you can light petrol trails with the backfire flames from your exhaust, and how each of the three protagonists have different smartphones (it’s so delicious that Trevor should have what looks like a Windows Phone).
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