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Still Playing: Spelunky’s Daily Challenge

September 11, 2013 ・ Blog

I’m a proud, if slightly occasional, member of Tom Francis’ Spelunky Explorers Club, a cadre of Daily Challenge players who commit their deeds to YouTube. I recently wrote about the revelation of becoming a member for Edge.

Everyone says they’re awful at Spelunky. Even the best. At least that’s what I tell myself as I die on level 1-2 from an arrow trap I’d noticed but instantly forgotten, or a bat I mistakenly thought my motor skills could defeat. But when good players crash out of Spelunky and curse their awfulness, they’re in the Ice Caves or Temple, or probably even further, frustrated that they messed up getting into the City Of Gold or Hell. Not the Mines, the first set of levels. My home and my nemesis. I really am awful at Spelunky. But I didn’t really know how bad until it came out on PC last week.
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