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Still Playing: Crusader Kings II

September 16, 2013 ・ Blog

A while back I built on a post I wrote here about Crusader Kings II for Edge. It’s a game I can never seem to find enough time to play, but it certainly deserves it.

Crusader Kings II isn’t a standard PC strategy game. Sure, it’s played from a map view and there are tables of stats to lose yourself in, there’s gold, Piety and Prestige to be collected, and tech upgrades to build. But actually, what you’re playing is The Godfather: The Game. It’s Dallas. It’s Game Of Thrones (there is, to prove the point, a Crusader Kings II mod that models the entirety of the Western Kingdoms). It’s human drama generated from the game’s tangle of family trees, geography of alliances and individuals’ traits and attributes. → Read in full at Edge