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Making history

March 12, 2007 ・ Blog

A new issue of Edge has just come out and it’s all the better for having a rather lovely article in it by me. It’s about The Crossing, a new game from Arkane Studios art directed (and co-written) by Viktor Antonov, who art directed Half-Life 2.

It looks a little like this:

The piece was one of the most enjoyable writing gigs I’ve done for ages - it’s about how in The Crossing, Antonov has realised two alternate visions of Paris, one a hard-bitten concrete urban hell, the other a modern Gothic megolopolis, and how game environments can tell stories and facilitate play.

Rather nicely, I’d interviewed Antonov before (for this article), prior to Half-Life 2 coming out, and amazingly he remembered it. He said that I was asking questions about games that few people do, so that was gratifying. All in all, I’m rather chuffed.