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Oyster card

January 08, 2007 ・ Blog

I’ve written a review about Oyster card in the latest issue of icon. Oyster card is an RFID-based payment system for public transport in London, and it’s probably most Londoners’ first explicit contact with the big, bad, exciting world of RFID.

Incidentally, Jack Schultze recently posted a series of sketches his graphic design students at Central St Martins had made for a project about signage design for Oyster recently. They’re about the other side of the Oyster experience, a side that my original draft attempted to tackle.

Naturally, just one of the students’ sketches does a much deeper and eloquent job than my draft ever did in communicating the difficulties of making wireless, and therefore invisible, technology legible and engaging for humanity.

Oh, and yeah, they photographed my battered old plastic Oyster wallet for the piece, fluff and dust-filled pockets, ancient picture of me and all. Lovely!